Available colours

Natural rubber is a natural element and, processed in the proper way, it ensures performance of use and a better yield compared to other materials.

Natural rubber used by Gea Gomma to produce sole crepe is not chemically treated and maintains its natural properties.

Our sheets in natural colour are available in:

You can have, on order, dyed rubber, obtained using non-toxic pigment in these colour :

Dyestuff are used in minimal percentage.
We can also produce colour on request, if you send us a semple.

In addition to the color variant, the plates are available in different designs:

Available surfaces:


  • From 0.8 mm to 20 mm for white
  • from 2 mm to 20 mm for all the other colours

Sheets size:

  • 95x60cm
  • 95x70cm


Rubber sheets are separated by polyethylene in cardboard boxes on pallets.

Processing natural rubber

GEA GOMMA SRL is the European leader for the production of “sole crepe”, obtained through an ecological and non-polluting process.

Raw rubber is obtained by solidification of the latex of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, purchased by GEA GOMMA from plantations of South-East Asia. It can freeze or crystallize if stored at temperatures below zero degrees centigrade, becoming stiffer and lighter in colour.

This phenomenon is reversible by keeping the rubber at room temperatures close to 20 degrees centigrade. On the other hand, the hardening by maturation is an irreversible phenomenon which occurs after several years of storage.

The process which transforms the natural rubber in “sole crepe” occurs by mills, mixers, calenders which allow to obtain sheets of different thickness and colour. This is an entirely environmentally friendly, non-polluting process, not producing smoke, neither vapor nor powders. Each cutting waste can be reused in the production cycle.

The whole process of “sole crepe” takes place in the plant of Gea Gomma in Castello d’Agogna (Pavia). The product is exported all over Europe and used in the footwear industry to realize fine shoes, with higher intrinsic properties compared to the shoes with synthetic soles.