Gea Gomma has been a market leader in manufacturing calendered natural rubber since 1952. The founder of the company is Giuseppe Bonomi, who was the first to introduce this way to process rubber in Italy. This firm began its business in Vigevano (PV) in 1952, and moved to Castello d’Agogna in 1969, with the purpose to expand its factory.

The industrial plant covers an area of 14000 square meters, where the processing cycle takes place in order to obtain sheets of natural rubber known as “SOLE CREPE”. The manufacturing process aims to ensure the highest quality of the product with the utmost respect for the environment. Quality controls and environment safety are an integral part of the manufacturing process. Actually, sole crepe is obtained through an environmentally friendly and non-polluting processing method. It consists in processing raw natural rubber latex obtained from Hevea Brasiliensis tree. Raw rubber comes from the best plantations of South-East Asia, and then, processed by mills, mixers and calenders, the natural rubber is transformed into sheets of different thickness and colour. This process produces a natural material, not chemically treated, which maintains its natural characteristics. In addition, this processing method has an added value: it doesn’t produce fumes, vapors, dust or harmful pollutants damaging for the environment, while any residual material can be reused in the production cycle.